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Social Marketing 101

  • improving page rank, website enhancements Search engine optimization or SEO is the leading marketing strategy targeted towards improving page rankings through various forms of website enhancements. When designing your content it is important to engage quality of traffic more so than quantity, your page rank will be gauged by how relevant your content is to the visitors you are drawing to your site.
  • buzz word, smm, social media marketing, high volume Buzz words such as Web 2.0, Social media, affiliate & network marketing are just some of the terms that are being bandied about. You can have a site that looks spectacular, get the high volume of traffic and yet only a small percentage actually affects profitable follow though.
  • social media internet marketing Social Media is the strongest force in marketing affecting such a high volume of the internet consortium that traditional marketing; such as, Newspapers, TV Commercials & Magazines, are all but burning out their sales staff in order to snare new customers, those that can afford to advertise find they get little or no profitable response.
  • bolgs, forums, stumbleupon With the introduction of Blogs, forums and other various forms of social media, such as Stumbleupon, Flickr, Myspace, YouTube, Linked in, Facebook and Digg to name just a few, new communities have evolved creating the virtual next door neighbor where common ground creates the all important trust factor. Where once a well designed ad would create the kind of buzz that motivated consumerism these groups, not driven by profit margin bios, compiled of individuals with similar interests, drive the market.
  • social media marketing These groups, through bonding that evolves with similar interests can make or break a company, their influences brimming with personal opinion. This underscoring of traditional marketing is the lead motivating factor businesses are facing with regards towards propagating clientele/consumers, utilizing these various forms of social interaction and online media marketing to increase visibility and profit margins.
  • marketing campaing momentum, analysis The traditional marketing campaign has lost its momentum and has evolved through internet usage and analysis of understanding what will motivate the consumer. Analyzing your click through visitor’s s well as those that stick around potentially increasing your profit margin will educate and introduce you to newer marketing strategies.
  • design develope your marketing strategies Though time consuming, this endeavor towards continuous utilization of information is essential in design and development of your marketing strategies, leading to increases in the quality of your online visitors. It is a continuous loop of interaction spurring the implementation of your sites ever changing content.

Colette Thompson has been immersed in the internet since the early 1990’s, with certificates in Business Management, Web Design & Consumer Behavior, she is the lead Analytics Consultant at BR Thompson Co. WebSite Management at